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Students‘ Views – An Ebook Project – PoliTeknik

for an ebook co-publication
OF Student’ unions

Dear Student Friends from all over the World,

This is a call! A call to go beyond our local and national scaled conditions and to meet on a shared platform at a macro level! We see the necessity to share our views, to interact with each other, and to articulate our shared benefi ts. It is clear that we have enough reasons for such an interaction. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that humanity is a whole entity; however, the economic, social and political crises as well as the destruction of nature are equally valid examples for the previous claim.

This is an Invitation! We had witnessed that students across the world are listing their demands and are dreaming for a better future, and more just future regarding their natural right to education. All these efforts are precious, and their realization would mean a great success. We, the Students eBook Project seek to materialize such realization and to take steps to become voice such aspirations to global scale.

Because of this reason, we have managed to come together rom different walks of live across the world, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. We kindly invite you and would like to see you in our ranks!

The title of the eBook is: “STUDENTS’ VIEWS – Human Rights to Education in Times of Covid-19 and other Crises”

Dear friends, With this in mind, we would like to invite you and your organization to be a part of this mission through writing an article for our new eBook. This eBook will be a co-publication with all students’ unions who accepted our invitation. This eBook will focus on students’ perspectives on the following topics:

1. Ideas and suggestions on the Extension of the Human Right to Education
2. Student protagonism and social movements
3. Colonialism, International policy, Economy, Independence
4. National education policies and current education reforms
5. Teacher training and Human Rights
6. Black lives matter and other antiracist or antifascist movements
7. Covid-19 and it’s consequences to education
8. 100 years of Paulo Freire and his legacy

The desired length of the article is minimum 2,500 words and maximum 7,000 (including references). Deadline for receiving these articles is september 2021.

We would like to hear personal perspectives/experiences with socio-political changes affecting education, Covid-19 psychological impact on students, social movements, and so forth.

We are in constant contactwith professors, scholars, UN, UNESCO etc. so that we can secure funds in order to get physical copies of this eBook published. With a plethora of viewson all these topics, we aim to understand global situation of accessibility to quality education better.

A further project could be the organization of an international scientifi c survey with students on the Extension of the Human Right to Education.