Sikiru Waheed
General Secretary of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Ciul Service Technical and Recreational Servtces Employees (AUPGTRE) – NIGERIA

Dear Comrade,

We are Trade Union Organisation Opening in Nigeria with Jurisdiction to Unionise Workers in Public Sector. The Union is pleased to makes our contributions towards the Right to Education in Conflict Zones.

The fundamental principles that are behind the success of any determined Student is the ability to adhere to the circumstances surrounding his or her environment, Originally, it has been enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 26 which says that „Everyone has the right to education“. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Technical and Professional Education shall be made generally available and higher Education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit“.

The above Statement remains ambiguous and suffered implementation in most African Countries and some parts of the World. Simply because of the selfish leaders that are in the helm of affairs. But the quest for education is over alarming by the day because people forsee danger in the absent of education, they observe that education is the panacea to any good development. Therefore, the right to a qualitative education can’t be achieve in a zone where there are conflicts. Although, the word conflict is as old as Mankind therefore, conflict remains inseparable and inevitable ta human existence, despite the colossal amount of human and material resources expended on grobal peace and conflict management by several Nations, States, Regional Organisations and the United Nations [UN). The World Socio-Political environs are still on the boil, rather than tlge global crisis diminishing in spite of the several steps taken, it is becoming more virulent and destructive because it has continued to drain the energy and manpower resources of the troubled spots if not the entire world and emas culate government.

The significance of this article is that in the midst of the fundamental issues that have aggravated or metamorphosed to these conflicts in any zone that seems difficult for education to strive can be curb no matter the high level of incompatibility. As earlier mentioned, conflict is inevitable and it keeps occurring in every individual life, either at home, work and sociar outings or even when we sreep in our Bedrooms without interacting with anyone. Arthough, we are familiar with those inexhaustible things that cause conflicts, for instance, conflicts over resources, conflicts over psychological needs, conflicts involving values and conflicts over inadequate information.

The above mentioned issues are few causes of conflict that stands inseparable in human existence in any environment therefore; we manage them while we continuously press on the freedom of education or the right to Lducation. As a student you are a conflict manager you must learn how to manage crisis and profer solutions where necessary.

However, the subject matter „Right to Education in conflict zones“ actually is a known facts that in a conflict zones or environment the tendency of educational activities to run smoothly is very slim because it will really introduce negative impacts to the students psychologically, [ime and energy.

Therefore, Government at all levels is advised to put the necessary mechanisms in order to avert unnecessary conflicts in any zone for education to strive without interference.

Please Accept the assurances of our most esteemed regards. Thanks.