General Otieno, Youth and student Activist .

The rise of Gen Z in Kenya is marked by an increasing number of youths actively pursuing and fighting against the Kenyan Finance Bill 2024 and the excessive taxation policies in the bill endorsed by President William Ruto Administration,,that has acquired great back up from his allied members of Parliament. As a member of this movement, I have witnessed firsthand the increasing discontent and mobilization among my peers in response to these economic measures.the members of parliament decided to serve the interest of there political god father Ruto over the interest of the millions of kenyans who elected them . despite the numerous demonstration and mass action by the Gen Z majority of the members of parliament voted anonymously YES to the finance bill which gave the bill a go ahead to the committee stage .

As Generation Z, litrate and empowered by digital connectivity and a profound sense of civic responsibility,  we are emerging as a formidable force in the political and social arenas of Kenya. Our opposition to the Finance Bill 2024 stems from a collective understanding that the proposed taxation measures disproportionately impact the youth and working-class citizens, hindering our financial stability and future prospects.

The proposed tax hikes and economic policies appear to burden the very population that is striving to build a sustainable future for themselves and the country. Many young Kenyans are struggling with unemployment, underemployment, and the rising cost of living. The additional tax pressures exacerbate these challenges, creating an environment where financial independence and economic growth seem increasingly unattainable.⁰

Our generation is not merely content with expressing dissatisfaction; we are actively seeking change. Through organized protests, social media campaigns, and participation in public forums, Generation Z is making its voice heard. We are leveraging our digital savviness to raise awareness, gather support, and demand accountability from our leaders.

We believe that sustainable economic policies should promote growth, create job opportunities, and ensure that the burden of taxation is equitably distributed. It is crucial for the government to engage in meaningful dialogue with the youth, consider our perspectives, and work towards policies that foster economic inclusion and fairness.

The future of Kenya lies in the hands of its youth. It is imperative that our leaders recognize and respect our aspirations, addressing our concerns with genuine consideration and actionable solutions. The rise of Generation Z in this fight against over-taxation is a testament to our commitment to shaping a better future for all Kenyans.

We urge the government in office to consider the voices of the youth in any forthcoming discussions or decisions regarding the Finance Bill 2024. Our participation in this dialogue is not only a democratic right but also essential for crafting policies that are reflective of the needs and aspirations of the entire population.

I can’t end this without mentioning the conduct of the police officers during our protest and demonstration named OCCUPY PARLIAMENT that was very peaceful ,but the police officers whom arein the group of people that will be affected by the finance bill ,decided to take orders of there masters and use excessive force which included use of teargas, pressure water and even live bullets gainst unharmed citizens who were demonstrating with an aim of reaching the parliament to present there issues ,we want to tell the police that it is our political right under article 37 to peaceable , unharmed organize demonstration,picket ,this act left 1 comrade dead and several sustaining injuries .we thereford call upon the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) To take action against the rogue police .