/Teacher Training Process and some comments – Abdulwahed Muhammad

Teacher Training Process and some comments – Abdulwahed Muhammad

Abdulwahed Muhammad
Kurdistan Teachers Union – IRAK

Teacher training is better to say continuous development (Sustainable development) in many countries, especially those which are developed, fulfil it under the title of the training because it is originally the development of skills, but in some other countries, they call it training. However, it is a very important subject to talk about. The process itself was not done since 2014 and the reasons are clear and they are not needed to mention in detail. The more important thing is that however this improvement has not been done, teachers had been subjected to the bad treatment in terms of personality and psychology. They have been attacked and violated hundreds of times. The consequences were very serious and bad even they have been considered as social problems. They have been tortured and hurt psychologically. Once upon a time, there were bad goods in the market, they were just said that they were only for the teachers. The word of teacher has been used ironically just to be on tongue as a kind of mocking fun of teachers. It is very sad that for 8 years teachers’ salary has been played and it has been written as a good news for the teachers on the screens of TV channels. It is being said that this month, the government pays teachers’ salary fully or incompletely

Training or development of teachers has become a necessity that must be done. I think it is good that the ministry of education has started the process of training. I confirm that I am not with the concept of training, but I am with the concept of sustainable development and because teachers need to be refreshed in all aspects of the mental personality of teaching technical psychology. It is worth mentioning that if there are not any changes in the methods of teaching and science itself, wisdom and intelligence will be stopped. The wheel of a modern method of offering science is worked by improving and developing teachers.

Here, I just want to cut the story short because as it is said that this dough needs a lot of water which means this topic needs a lot of discussion, but I just want to focus on the training that has started in Kurdistan. I let my colleagues in the ministry of education know that it is not a new invention. In other countries, it is available. To give an example, as we went to Cambodia to participate in an international conference, where we met with several teachers, some of whom were trainers with the same system of pour country. We should know that its consequences and the method of its implement are important. It is a fact that not every process in this world is perfect. Every process must be strengthen and supported to be successful. For this, I recommend some things including:

1. Teachers in the Kurdistan Region differ in their scientific ability. Some of them are graduates of colleges and institutes of education, others are graduates of mechanical colleges, and some of them are graduates of non-material professions . So it must be considered very carefully and accurately.

2. We have teachers in several areas and they need to develop their skills and they need specialists to help them develop properly.

3. Teachers’ trust must be rebuilt just to make the process successful and improve in all the aspects of education. Of course, there has been a lot of measures and steps but they have been taken very slowly. It must be done more actively.

4. process requires coaches to be very capable and good managers so that they can encourage teachers to participate in this process. I am never for punishment and also the two steps that is known as ( F,E). Bad ones and the good have been already mixed which is now a complex process to be separated from each other. Then where are they provided with a suitable place and how can they be replaced?

5. Students should not waste their time because the main purpose of the process is to save the time of study. The academic school year has been suffering from the sufficient time of study. Now, according to the international standard of study here in our country ,the school year is about 250 to 300 hours

6. It is very important that the unit of supervision and the supervisors must play a vital role of the process because in the past they were the best ones and the leaders of the process of the education in our country. As far as I am concerned, they have a good ability to train the teachers. In this regard, I would like to tell the Ministry of Education that it has the problem of its employees. At the same time, it has decided to make 600 teachers be trainers that are considered as the best chosen ones. On the other hand, there will be 400 teachers that are going to become suppervisors and they must be chosen, too. The total of them is equal to 1000 teachers. Of course it makes a big gap in the sector of education and in the process of education. I have heard that the three top students of the universities of Kurdistan are Transferred. Here is a question; Who are they replaced by? Even if they are replaced by others, will they be as equal as those experienced teachers or lectures who have already been transferred?

7. There are 36,000 lecturers in the country. Of course, they have not been employed yet. Therefore, they are always hesitant. To make the process successful, they must be let know their place and their permanent job. If they are not treated healthily in terms of education, the process of education can’t be successful.

8.Above all, when the process is fully estimated and achieves its goals, when the teachers are not worried about their life. The dignity and honor of them must be protected just to make them strong in facing the problems in front of the process of learning. This is not only our opinion and idea but it is the opinion and thoughts of all the prominent philosophies and characters of the field of education.