/The Vegan Conspiracy – Prof. William M. Epstein

The Vegan Conspiracy – Prof. William M. Epstein

Prof. William M. Epstein
University of Nevada, Las Vegas | UNLV · School of Social Work – USA

I was coming close to going vegan, inspired by friends, the nutrition literature, and a desire to help out our planet. But the veil hiding the truth about veganism fell away while cooking kidney beans for dinner. I began thinking about the enormous number of mammals who are farmed and slaughtered to harvest their kidneys in the search for beans. Even if a kidney contains two or three beans, a simple soup would entail doing away with hundreds of relatively large mammals. Anything smaller than a pig or a goat would surely grow beans that are too small for human consumption. I totaled up the true environmental cost of a single kidney bean and it comes to an astonishing sixty-seven cents. These are hidden costs (external diseconomies to use the appropriate term) but still, can the planet afford something upwards of two hundred dollars for each serving of kidney beans?

If this is not enough, I conjured up the herds of cattle necessary to produce beefsteak tomatoes and the devastation of horses to get pinto beans to market. It has not yet become clear what part of the horse is used for horse radish, but something is bound to come up from a Google search. Additional research to estimate the extent of damage caused to mammals and meat by the vegan conspiracy resulted in a very grim reality of vegan predations.

Why are primates becoming endangered? Monkey tamarind and monkey jackfruit. Ivory is the vegans’ red herring to distract from the real cause of elephant slaughter – elephant garlic and elephant foot yams.

The vegan madness for chickpeas, pigeon peas, egg plants, blood oranges, and chestnuts is wiping out large sectors of animals.

Even bugs are at risk from moth beans.

I became male-protective and even nauseated when I ran across references to gooseberries, cheetahnuts, and tiger nuts; think of the sadism of this harvest. Worse, I was driven to hysteria by elderberries. Is nothing sacred anymore? Are vegans now indulging in necrophilia and perhaps even cannibalism. Elderberries indeed; they have blighted by golden years.

Worse is yet to come as food fashion turns to human beans.

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