/United Textile Employees‘ Position on the War in the Middle East

United Textile Employees‘ Position on the War in the Middle East

United Textile Employees-UNITE – LESOTHO

This poster is an image of the online lecture held on 29 October 2023 under the title: POSITIONS FROM SOUTH AFRICA ON THE WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST

Influenced by the idea of nationalism from the French revolution and anti-Semitism from Europe, Jewish activists started calling for a Jewish state where they could be free from the portrayal of a greedy Jew. Europe looking to get rid of Jews looked for a place to send them to .The contemplated Argentina, South Africa and other but the rabbis choose Palestine for its religious significance, easy to justify and create a cult by using fear, bible, science, suffering .

One might say that Europeans knew that giving them that land based on previous invasions will lead to more wars for them to benefit from the resources the Middle East possesses but not enough evidence to substantiate the claim.

The land was given, war broke and time and time again that has shown that Israel is not prepared to give out anything without bloodshed. Everything taken by cohesive means, force, and imperialism is never returned willingly as shown by apartheid South Africa and successive regimes after 1994 when countries like Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho were asking for their land back. Furthermore, 1964 Palestine (PLO party) was pro one state but that didn’t work hence why the only option left for the people under oppression is to in order to make a statement or free themselves.

We live in a system where blood, suffering are used as a justification for success of science, religion, ideas and the driver of human morals. That survivalist mentality removes humanity from the equation as one looks at people who want recognition as rebels as shown by the prison psychology experiment by DR Philip Zimbardo.

Being an apartheid state, Israel uses fear as a weapon to control its citizens from mingling, interacting and uses the certainty that war brings which peace or quietness does not bring because behind it lurks deceit and peril. Israel also understands that if things are not going on well in one space scapegoating also gives any regime a breather in order to come up with solutions.

Battle of ideas, power, emotions
Using cognitive biases and psyche effects to badmouth Palestinians struggles: Israel has mastered the battle of ideas and emotions to psychologically make defenders of its cause from different continents without them being affiliated or having any form of historical basis or knowledge of the topic. Using negative bias, they paint Palestinians (Hamas) as terrorists beheading innocent people pushing for anti-Semitism. Mainstream media, movies are also added to the equation to shape our beliefs creating a ripple effect to further enforce an already created bias.

Way forward
First step is the removal Netanyahu and his Zionist buddies whether being journos, generals and other instigators of this war. Even though the lines of having a one state have being blurred a lot it’s still a logical solution with better results than a continuous warfare which kills the working class woman and man while enriching the warmongers. In the process of forging a one state solution: truth and reconciliation, compensation, reparations need to be instituted in order to undo the wrongs of the past.