Dear Authors,

PoliTeknik has been in circulation in Turkish and German since 2014 and now, with the support of participants from all over the world, it has also been published in English, Spanish and Portuguese. This is the second edition of the year 2020, in which authors share their ideas and suggestions regarding the extension of the human right to education contained in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To this end, a group of volunteers from Brazil, South Africa, Great Britain, India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Colombia, Germany, Turkey, etc., join forces at PoliTeknik United as part of a joint editorial board. Therefore, one can follow the electronic addresses below to access the magazines:
English: http://politeknik-international.org
Spanish: http://politeknik-international.org/politeknik-espanol/
Portuguese: https://politeknik-portugues.org
Turkish: http://politeknik.de/ana-sayfa/
German: http://politeknik.de/aktuelle-ausgabe/
By this same letter, the editorial board invites you to join our initiative with an article for the next issues of 2020. The deadline for the submission of articles is the end of September with a desired extension of 1,200 words. Feel free to write your articles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.
Thematic areas:
• Human Rights Education
• Human Right to Education
• Student Protagonism and Child
• Workers, Migrants, Refugees and Social Movements
• International Policy
• Colonialism
• History
• Philosophy
• Economy
• The dysfunction of international law as a result of real (economic) policy;
• The guarantee of the implementation of the Right to Education as a Human Right;
• Poverty in developed countries;
• International economic policy and the determination of different defi nitions of „human“ and their rights;
• Access and continuance of students from the lower classes in basic and higher education;
•The Human Right to Education and teacher training in Portuguese speaking countries;
• Higher education and teaching quality: challenges and perspectives;
• Financing of public school education (primary, secondary and higher);
• War or education: The situation in confl ict zones;
• Neoliberalism and the Human Right to Education;
• The Right to Education for children and adolescents in extreme poverty;
• The Human Right to Education in school and non-school spaces;
• The role of social movements in the fi ght for the human right to education;
• The process of privatization of education and its impacts on public education;
• Child labour in urban, agricultural and forestry regions
• Educational Policy and the Human Right to Education;
• Education systems destroyed through humanitarian interventions
• Social Work and the Human Right to Education

Special topics:
• Impact of global pandemic like CoVID-19 on access to education.
• Necessary infrastructure to facilitate transit ion to learning from home, keeping in mind equal opportunity and accessibility to all.
• Free Healthcare as a Human Right
• Covid-19 Pandemic as a global test for the democracy
• World between Solidarity or nationalisms
• Life on the economic abyss

This initiative will allow people from different parts of the world to express their opinions on common issues, to get in touch with each other, and will provide a platform to engage in a productive process in line with a common goal in the context of the project „Extension of Human Rights to Education” that we have been conducting for 4 years.

The project aims to update Article 26 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the right to education, with a joint declaration where everyone can participate in the preparation process (for more information, please visit http://politeknik-international.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/PROJECT-DOSSIER_EN.pdf)

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Zeynel Korkmaz

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